Sole massage cleans the body of toxins, strengthens the imune system, reduses pain, helps regeneration, relaxation & revitalization.

Did you know that our sole & foot is a microsystem that reflects the condition & functional disorders of our body and organs?
The sole is rich in innervations (nearly 70.000), that are in continuous conatct with the entire organism. Kneading reflex zones of the sole, the correspondent organ can be stimulated.

The sole massage can influence the entire body:
• Strenghtens the imune system, enhances blood & lymph circulation
• Helps cleaning the body of toxins & impurities
• Regularizes the hormone system
• Relieves physical & mental blocks, enhances relaxation
• Activates our own healing energy
• Enhances physical & mental harmony
• Eases pain
• Helps in regeneration body, revitalises energy
• Efficient prevention method

Recommended: for anyone, any age. Please see contraindications

Importance of sole massage:
The sole massage is about 5000 year old therapy has been used from ancient Egypt, China, India and even in Aztec, Maya, Inca civilizations. By our age, using either confortable or fashionable shoes, our feet have lost the oportunity to activate it’s self-healing mechanism.

The special purpose of sole massage is: activating self-healing machanism of our body, relieving blocks & tensions, harmonizing the body, soul & mind, helping regenaration & prevention in a natural way.