Nelson Bioresonance (SCIO) – Quantum Biofeedback analisys & therapy
Healing in the 21st century


The SCIO System ( SCIO- Scientific Consciosness Interface Operations) was developed by Professor Bill Nelson, through a 20-year research into bioelectronic healing and bioresonance treatment which is now the most advenced, high-skillled computer device in the World that can identifies and reduces the stress in the human body.

Analisys with Nelson bioresonance indicates:
• allergies, intolerances and other weekness of body
• deficiency of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzimes
• indicates loads of food additives, toxins, bacteria, worms, virus
• loads of geopathic radiation and radiation of mobile phones, computers
• the stress level of the human body, condition of organs
• shows mental bocks and stress, old trauma
• measures the individual reaction of the body to remedies & nutritional supplemets

The Nelson bioresonance therapy can help in:
• allergies, skin problems
• eliminating pathogens (candida, bacteria, fungus, parazites, virus)
• digestion & metabolic problem, balance of bowel flora
• harmonize or stabilize enzymes & hormons
• detoxication, helps in diet & loosing weight
• reducing stress, helps in well-beeing & improving memories
• therapy of depression, panic, chronic fatigue
• anti-smoke program;
• strengthen organs & immun system
• reduses pain, headache, inflamation
• harmonize energetic system, emotions
• special sport programmes (mental, impelentation, speed reaction)

The Nelson bioresonance system is capable of identifying changes, mutations in the body at an early stage, and correct them immediately so that the illness cannot even evolve.